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Government of Balochistan releases 107 posts for ECE teachers served under Releasing Confidence and Creativity (RCC) Program by SCSPEB during 2002 to 2011”.                                   SCSPEB participated in Girls Education Expo held at Islamabad through staff and presented educational material.                                   SCSPEB is in partnership with Value Resource and Public Policy Review Center for Capacity Gap Assessment for Education Department.

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Welcome to SCSPEB

The Society for Community Strengthening and Promotion of Education, Balochistan (SCSPEB) seeks to promote human development by utilizing community mobilization strategies to establish government-community partnerships. Society realizes that promoting education as a whole, especially that for girls, requires support from all stakeholders: parents, community,schools, education department and local government. It is only through the active interest and sense of shared responsibility of such stakeholders that access to and quality of education can be ensured.

Over the years, Society has used this aim and vision in its work. In 2001, SCSPEB received the prestigious UN Award, from the UN Systems in Pakistan, for its inspirational contribution to promoting female education in the remote rural areas of Balochistan and developing the Community Support Process (CSP) model. Society is the only organization in Pakistan to have been awarded this great honour.   Read more...